We take great pride providing our customers with the best service they have ever experienced.

The story of A Dependable Logistics, Inc. started in 1997 with a simple concept, provide the best possible logistical service at the most cost efficient price. Borrowing from a combined 50 years of transportation management, sales and dispatch experience, A Dependable Logistics, Inc. has grown into a well organized and dependable company you can rely for all your logistical needs.

A Dependable Logistics, Inc. offers our customers one-on-one service necessary to meet their transportation and logistical needs. We maintain the highest standards for our employees, service and equipment. Customers who use A Dependable Logistics, Inc. can be confident that they will benefit from our years of transportation experience, our top quality attention, and exceptional service, through every step of the process.

Through steady growth, hard work, and strong business relationships, A Dependable Logistics, Inc. strives to be the best transportation company in our industry.